Ensuring Insurtech

Expertise + Capital + Energy

in the global insurance industry

Empowering breakthrough innovation

The world’s first Peer to Peer insurance carrier

Simple, Instant, Un-Conflicted And Delightful.

Insurance The Way It Was Intended:

experienced commercial brokers

A free tech platform for data, and expertise of

insurance to buy is so analog.

Guessing how much business

for inspection-quality property data

over-the-top risk assessment.

Smart, quick, and of course

Geospatial imagery + computer vision + machine learning

Offering just the right amount of coverage.

for an on-demand world.

Finally. On-demand insurance

Monitor your home with a single sensor, wherever you are.

Sensing a new age of preparedness

Providing the first step to security

emerging consumers

Bringing microinsurance to

Providing the first step to security

Is Kind Of A Power Trip.

The Creation Of Renewable Energy

Knowing How To Insure

However, our platform can tell you just HOW risky.

They say global politics is a risky business.

Sensors that provide safer building sites in real time

Reducing risk on the job

AI-powered risk insights for marine insurers

Creating Sea Change

Making roads safe through data and analytics

Driving Good Behavior