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Toshiba Memory approached Versatyle for a quick project which evolved into a beautiful 7-year partnership. They gave us tremendous freedom to rebuild their brand and find new ways to elevate their memory product line. Ultimately we helped position their brand and product offerings for acquisition.

Became "The Crown Jewel" and most lucrative business unit at Toshiba

Enter The Bidding War: Sold for $18 Billion led by Bain Capital. The consortium included Apple along with Dell, Seagate, SK Hynix.


The semiconductor market is bland and solely focused on engineering. In a competitive marketplace, Toshiba Memory was all meat without any sizzle. They needed a brand and a visual presence that matched their product.


In researching their buyers, It became apparent that their B2B audience was acting like B2C consumers. They like visual appeal and storytelling. They want the sizzle. So, a refresh was in order, including a corporate brand platform, design system, web redesign, tradeshow booths, campaign systems, videos, holographic 3D presentations, keynote decks, and more.

Sometimes to break the rules, you have to make the rules.

The Holodeck