The Human Condition Needs All The Help It Can Get.

Tautona makes the medical goods and commercializes them as well. All in the name of regenerative health. I love that. I developed the brand clinical sizzle and visual design experience for these medtech smahties.

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TauTona Group is a vertically-integrated operational fund that creates, invests and develops new solutions in medtech, biotech and regenerative medicine that address unmet clinical needs in healthcare.  With a strong belief that improvements in healthcare and cost reductions can only be achieved through innovation, TauTona’s sustainable investment model enables disruptive ideas to be evaluated, designed, tested and developed in an extremely economic manner benefitting all stakeholders: inventors, investors, doctors and, most importantly, patients.  The fund was founded in 2010 by two Stanford School of Medicine professors and researchers focused on bioengineering, tissue regeneration, and stem cell therapeutic approaches.