Unshakeable Networks

The Celona logotype is hand-crafted. The (l) is on a diagonal axis to represent the idea of networks having to be tuned-in and adjusted for optimal performance. It has both rounded and square corners to give a dynamic appeal. The type is agile upon appearance with a sense of strength. The Celona icon has a global enterprise appeal. It is a cropped view of a building’s corner with the lines dynamically move through it. They represent the strong micro-sliced frequencies needed to obtain the cleanest and most reliable signal to maintain a robust, unshakable Celona network within the enterprise. The shape of the icon is an abstract (C) for Celona.

So Predictable, It's Actually Kind Of Boring.

(See The Beauty There?)

Introducing The First Networking Platform For Enterprise 5G

Finally, A 5G Network Smarter Than

The Apps That Use It.

The First Networking Platform For Enterprise 5G.

Our superpower is reliability.