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The objective of this ID mark is to immediately showcase the intuitive, unique perception that Bruckner brings in revealing opportunities. There is an optical illusion in the inversed nature of the white circle that lays flat against the black square and/or the white inversed ellipse peering through the solid black square that allows the viewer to see the depth (moving inward) or conversely the unique perspective of looking outward. The ID mark lends itself to being both prescient in its thoughtfulness and strategic in its approach. We do this by creatively using the tension of inversed space to achieve depth, movement and dimensionality. While the icon is stable and set in its proportions, the human eye wants to see further into it, with an anticipation of movement. We also appreciate the breakthrough nature of these shapes colliding. We used a bold uppercase typography to balance the strength and weight of the icon which achieves a more established tone. The font combined with the icon gives this Brand ID Mark an intriguing and yet solid big brand presence.

Reconstructing Clinical-Stage Strategies