We get it – building great brands doesn't happen overnight, but the need for speed is real. And the need to stand out is critical, now more than ever. But hey, we've got your back! While there is no one-size-fits-all here, our clients love these three packages. They may cover all your bases (if not, let's chat), whether you're launching a new product line, giving your brand a lift, or need to elevate sales. Let's give your brand wings!

$18K - $24K

  • Discovery on-the-go
  • ID refresh (modernization)
  • Creative audit
  • Strategic visual design lift
  • Robust campaign landing page*
  • Asset package
  • 12 strategy roadmap

$50K - $65K

  • Discovery workshop
  • Corporate ID design
  • Brand/creative audit
  • Visual identity design system
  • Website (limited to 8-10 pages)*
  • (2) Select campaign & marketing materials**
  • Powerpoint or G-Slides template
  • Creative asset library
  • 12 month strategy roadmap

$90K - $110K

  • Discovery workshop
  • Brand and visual identity exploration
  • Creative and brand direction
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Comprehensive visual identity design system
  • Website limited to 20 pages*
  • Powerpoint or G-Slides template
  • Foundational sales/pitch deck (10 Slides)
  • 12 month strategy roadmap
  • (3) Select campaign & marketing materials**
  • Complimentary brand guidelines
    Creative asset library
  • 12 month strategy roadmap

"Versatyle brilliantly led our entire brand development initiative. Methodically and creatively, they outlined a clear path to establish our competitive edge in a crowded industry. In every phase, they went above and beyond to exceed our expectations and hit important deadlines that were crucial for our market launch. In addition to their impeccable visual design, clever corporate positioning and messaging, and smart marketing strategy, their ability to challenge our team to think and play bigger was an inspiring experience for our entire team."

— Kirk Langston, CEO


We will employ a thoroughly tested and reputable WordPress theme known for its high level of customization, frequent updates addressing bugs and security, and user-friendly interface for seamless future editing and content expansion. In the rare event that a specific design asset or technology is requested, surpassing the theme’s functionality and extending beyond the intended project scope, we are pleased to provide a separate estimate for consideration.

Alternatively, we can construct the user interface and assets, enabling your internal web team to seamlessly deploy them across your site. This flexibility ensures tailored solutions aligned with your unique requirements.


The chosen marketing materials are subject to assessment based on considerations of time, scope, and budget. The evaluation will be conducted in alignment with the selected sprint package.


The sprint packages, designed with a 30/60/90-day turnaround, rely on prompt client reviews and adhere to specific limits on design iterations to ensure efficient progress. While the 30/60/90 guideline serves as a general project timeline, the exact acceptable parameters will be clearly defined in the timelines section of the Statement of Work (SOW) during the contract review process. This tailored approach ensures a precise understanding of project expectations and timelines.